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Greetings, Online Community!

         We are so excited about everything God is doing in our midst!  We are not even one full month into 2017, and God is already doing more than we could ever ask or think!  This is such an exciting time to be in the Kingdom of God, and even in the midst of what we see going on around us, it is awesome to know that we can still see the hand of God moving in our lives! 

         As you know, during the month of March, we will celebrate our 16th Church Anniversary!  Isn’t that exciting?  God has been so faithful to us, and we have so much to celebrate and be thankful for!  We have been blessed and favored by God in so many wonderful ways, and we are truly humbled and eternally grateful.

          In preparation for our awesome 16th Anniversary, it is so important that each of our sons and daughters really be involved from a financial perspective.  We all know that it takes monetary provision to sustain the day-to-day operations of ministry, and the same is true for special occasions and celebrations. 

          We are asking those who can to give between $50-150 towards our anniversary month.  You may make your contributions at any time – just be sure to specify that you are giving towards anniversary month. 

          Let’s take a look at the impact we will make by working together remembering that the bible says that to whom much is given much is required.  It’s not equal giving but it’s equal sacrifice.  Some of you may be able to give even more!

25 members giving $50 each = $1,250

25 members giving $75 each = $1,875

25 members giving $100 each = $2,500

25 members giving $150 each = $3,750

         I believe that by working together, we can easily meet and exceed $10,000 for this year’s anniversary.  That is our goal and my prayer, and because this is the Year of Manifestation and we are Walking Under an Open Heaven, I believe that God is going to bless each of us to give and that it will not be a strain or a struggle.  I believe that you will be able to give cheerfully – and we know that God LOVES a cheerful giver!

          Thank you all for EVERYTHING you do!  Your labor of love does not go unnoticed.  Let’s continue to have an awesome year, and let’s get this work done for Jesus!


With Kingdom Business in Mind,


Pastor Audrey McCarter-Hedgepeth

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