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Pastor Audrey McCarter-Hedgepeth is a genuine, dynamic and well-rounded spiritual leader.  Equipped with the Word of God, Pastor Audrey is advancing the Kingdom of God one soul at a time.  She is passionate about Kingdom Business, and she is bold about what God directs her to do.  She preaches and teaches nothing but the uncompromised, undefiled and unadulterated Word of God.  The anointing on her life allows her to meet people where they are – whether rich or poor, young or seasoned, educated or uneducated, businessman, con or ex-con.  Pastor Audrey is called to minister to people from all walks of life, especially to those who have yet to meet Christ.  The ministry that God has given her is truly a melting pot for the unchurched.  Her call for pastoral service stretches beyond the walls of tradition.  A trendsetter, Pastor Audrey is determined to do “out of the box” kingdom ministry in the region God has given to her.  She continues to make extraordinary strides in ministry and business.

Pastor said yes to her call into the ministry in 1996 under the pastoral leadership of Dr. R.T. McCarter.  With a total of twenty-three years in ministry and eighteen years as the passionate pastor of GLCCC, Pastor Audrey is well-respected among both her contemporaries and congregation for her commitment to integrity and holiness.  A natural leader, charismatic speaker and gifted administrator, Pastor Audrey is hungry and ready to carry out the call of winning more souls for the kingdom.  She is determined to impact lives in a positive way, and she lives to share the love story and truth of God’s word.  Pastor Audrey is committed to unreserved outreach, the economic empowerment of the impoverished, and the holistic improvement of the determined.  She founded Greater Love Christian Community Church to show the world what it means to have the love of Jesus Christ on your side.  The church has touched many lives, and people are being empowered, educated and equipped for a better tomorrow.

Pastor Audrey has an undergraduate degree in Education from Saint Augustine’s College and she further studied with the Truth Tabernacle Ministries, Downeast Christian Leadership Training Institute through Virginia Union University.  For twenty years, Pastor Audrey was employed with the Educational Talent Search Program at Saint Augustine’s College.

Pastor Audrey is honored to be married to Pastor Anthony “Chuck” Hedgepeth.  They have one son, Marquez, and two adorable grandchildren: Zion and Breyana.  She is the proud daughter of Bishop R.T. and Virginell McCarter, and she is the only sister of Pastor Carlton, Bishop Sheldon and Bishop R. Tiff McCarter.

Pastor Audrey has a passion for people and loves the Lord with all that is within her.  She believes that God has called her to encourage, empower, equip and educate God’s people for a better tomorrow, and she continues to do so by the grace of God. 

Pastor Anthony Hedgepeth, known to many as “Chuck”, is an anointed man of God.  His humble yet bold spirit has touched many lives.  A born again-Christian since the age of twelve, Pastor Anthony is equipped with the Word of God.  He quotes the scriptures without hesitation, and he lives by the scriptures with the same fervor found in his words.  

In the 1990’s he preached his initial sermon under the tutelage of Bishop R.T. McCarter.  For ten years, Pastor Anthony was the senior pastor of Gethsemane Missionary Baptist Church.  It was there that God equipped him with the skills and gifts to shepherd and lead God’s people.  His unique gift to articulate and proclaim God’s word brings joy and laughter to every situation.  Our church body and ministry teams at GLCCC are strengthened by his love for people and his gift of administration.

Pastor Anthony was born in Washington, D.C. and grew up in Rocky Mount, North Carolina.  He is the son of Dorothy Hedgepeth.  A 1991 graduate of Fayetteville state University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration.  Pastor Anthony is married to Pastor Audrey McCarter-Hedgepeth and they have one son, Marquez, and two grandchildren: Zion and Breyana.

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