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The Pathway to a Debt-Free Church

Greetings to our Sons, Daughters and Friends of Greater!  We are so excited that you have decided to partner with us for our Vision 2020 campaign!  It means so much to God and to us that you are willing to offer your financial support as we endeavor to become a debt-free ministry by the year 2020!  We are asking all partners to contribute $20.20 per week or $80.80 per month – but please know that you are welcome to give whatever is placed on your heart!  Some may give more, and some may give less, but if we all give, we will meet our goal!  Thank you in advance for your support, and may God bless you!

Pastors Anthony & Audrey McCarter-Hedgepeth

We give because we love God!

We give because we believe God's word!

We give because we see where God is taking us!

We give because we are better together!

Thank You!

God LOVES a cheerful giver, and we wholeheartedly love and appreciate you for all you do to make ministry possible!  May God continue to bless you and give you a harvest for every seed you sow!


In His Amazing Love,

Pastors Anthony & Audrey McCarter-Hedgepeth